Art Direction 101

Meet Megan

I met Megan when I shot her senior portraits a few years ago. As an amateur photographer herself, she showed an interest in learning more, so I began working with her. Today she works with me as my second shooter and art director.


Practicality first

When looking through weddings we've shot together, many of Megan's photos are often indistinguishable from my own. It took some time and training to bring her to that level, but not as much as it could have. Having years of experience directing clients and solving lighting puzzles in hundreds of locations (often under a time crunch) has taught me the real differences between application and theory.


A different kind of class...

With identical settings under reasonable lighting, most modern DSLRs produce similar results to the casual viewer. So how does one stand out? Art direction. Unlike most photography classes which favor the technical side of things, my emphasis is on art direction.  Art direction is what empowers the photographer with the $500 camera to "out-shoot" the photographer with the $5,000 camera. You might say that it is the great equalizer in the world of photography.


Whether you are new to photography or just looking to add to your existing knowledge, ART DIRECTION 101 will provide you with solid principles for capturing visually engaging photos. This four hour class will enhance your current style of shooting or possibly even change it completely.

What is covered in the class?

  • Making your subject look natural
  • Flattering and unflattering body positions and angles
  • Using natural light and working around the sun
  • Choosing the right locations
  • Framing your shots
  • Creating depth
  • Technical tips

What is are the prerequisites?

  • Have a basic understanding of your camera and settings
  • Know how to manually adjust shutter speed, aperture, and ISO


$295 for one attendee
$495 for two attendees

Class size is limited to 8
Ages 16 & up

Saturday, July 8, 2017
4:00 pm - 800 pm
Inniswood Metro Gardens


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